Corona-column Veronica Kini: Optimistic despite huge impact Corona crisis

04 juni 2020

My name is Veronica Kini. A Resident of Bamenda in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The advent of the Corona virus has impacted my life in several ways. I am naturally a person who likes to socialize and mix with other women, but the arrival of Covid-19 has completely restricted not only my movements but my ability to interact with family and community members. I have almost become paranoid as I keep having to caution my children and grandchildren from mixing with people. I now spend so much time indoors and as a result I seem to have a bigger work load in the house and farm. With all this I tend to get more irritated with little things I used to ignore…

Veronica Kini

My work life has equally been drastically affected. I am a grassroots community leader, and my house and office have been open to each and everyone for over 20 years. I now have to restrict entry and insist on hand washing and disinfection for all entering my house since I now work from home. Some people don’t appreciate this. I have several projects ongoing which need my coordination but I cannot do this physically. I have staff members working in the field but with the current restrictions we cannot work normally. But I still have to find ways and means for them to get something to manage their lives on daily basis as they all look up to me. I had several international volunteers. All have left except one who opted to remain in Cameroon.

Veronica overseeing Emergency Aid – Corona has made the needs even higher

The Corona virus has impacted my city very negatively. The economy is virtually at a stand still. Most residents are traders, technicians, farmers or are involved in the hospitality or education sectors. All of these are grounded as a result of Covid-19. Everybody is compelled to wear face masks outdoors. You can pass your family, colleagues, friends etc. on the road without knowing it, because you don’t recognize them. The town is full of fake news about Covid-19 cases. People avoid going to hospitals when they have cough because they will be suspected of being corona positive and will be isolated. Isolation is virtually a death sentence as most people know the government is ill equipped to handle the pandemic.

However, despite all these set-backs, I am optimistic it will all come to pass and life will be normal – and why not better?

Het geld dat we momenteel inzamelen gaat onder andere naar een project van Veronica en haar organisatie. Zij helpen de arme mensen uit hun wijk aan mondkapjes, water, zeep en andere middelen om zichzelf tegen het Corona-virus te beschermen. Ook helpen ze de allerarmsten aan voedsel. Maar ze doen meer: ze trainen deze mensen ook om op alternatieve manieren geld te gaan verdienen, onder andere door ze nieuwe vaardigheden als de productie van mondkapjes en online verkoop te leren! Help je mee? Een gift overmaken kan altijd – ons rekeningnummer vind je onderaan de pagina op deze site. Kijk op onze Facebookpagina hoe je nog meer kan helpen! 

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