Corona-column by Mokom Njang – Impact of the virus in Bamenda

27 mei 2020

So far the virus has affected my life, and that of most around me, extremely negatively. The COVID-19 preventive strategies, especially social distancing, has limited the time I usually spend with loved ones. Family visits, especially on Sundays to my grand mom, have been limited. Weekend leisure outings with friends are also limited. Most disturbing personally has been the scare of contracting the virus, given that it is highly contagious.

Mokom Njang, PRO and International Affairs Bamenda City Council

Impact of the Corona-crisis on my work at the Municipality 

Given the statistics of the epidemic in Cameroon, and of Bamenda in particular, since early March, no official lockdown has been implemented so far aside from a 6pm to 6am curfew on none-essential businesses. In effect, government institutions have been on and attending to the public as usual. To this, I still put in my daily hours at work, despite the fact most public activities and gatherings have been banned.

Impact of the Corona-crisis on the city of Bamenda

As earlier mentioned, with no official lockdown implemented in Cameroon since the outbreak of the epidemic, other preventive measures are strictly applied limiting public gatherings and movement of persons. Given not over 50 cases have been officially registered in Bamenda so far, the day-to-day lifestyle of the city inhabitants hasn’t really changed. Many still go about with business as usual though ensuring to be very cautious when interacting with others. With the armed crisis in the region and particularly in Bamenda for over 4 years now, there is a generally calm social atmosphere in the city nowadays as everyone is ensuring to stay safe from the Corona Virus.

Mokom Njang is de beleidsmedewerker Internationale Betrekkingen en de PR-adviseur van de gemeente Bamenda.

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“Wij kunnen erg veel opsteken van de manier waarop zorgverleners in zwaardere omstandigheden en met minder middelen toch hun patiënten zo goed mogelijk helpen.”

Gert-Jan van Heiningen (voorzitter Commissie Buitenland, Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis, Dordrecht)